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Custom Eco Products & Product Design Consulting

Are you looking for an eco-friendly product to help raise funds for your cause or looking to hire an industrial designer for purpose driven projects? We love to collaborate on projects large or small. We're delighted to create fundraising tools that connect with your customers and donors to your organization. We are also available for hire to design goods that do good for our environment and society. 

We also offer special pricing rates for non-profits and startups. Give us a call or email to chat about details. In the meantime, take a peek at our current custom catalog for some of our common products and we look forward to hearing from you.

 Goods that Matter - Custom orders eco friendly custom wholesale and fundraising products

Clients & Custom Order Examples:


We collaborated with LearnToLive to create this custom First Aid Kit and 100% recycled paper journals. LTL provides healthcare to those that lack healthcare resources in Indonesia, Africa, and Laos. The first aid kit holds the items that need most while traveling (bandages, gauze, cold compress, sanitary pads, medicines, etc.). 

The journals cover design includes phrases said and heard often by the LTL teams while providing care in their clinics around the globe. This design gives a little peek into clinic life while helping to raise funds for LearnToLive.

Canvas custom First aid kit and custom journals

Whitney Plantation

Custom Letterpress Journals for the Whitney Plantation's gift shop. 10% of proceeds are donated to the Good Shepherd School. These beautiful custom journals are made of 100% recycled French's paper and handmade in New Orleans. The artwork includes original blueprints of buildings located at the Whitney Plantation.

Whitney Plantation, Louisiana, Custom Notebook made for gift shop

Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery

Brass Fed Totes that donate to New Orleans Musicians' Clinic

Listen to your Art - Letterpress Journal & Tote that gives back to NOCCA

Listen to your Art - Letterpress Journal & Tote that gives back to NOCCA


Birthmark Doulas

Thrive Letterpress Eco Friendly Journals & Cotton Swaddling Blankets that raise funds for their Independent Birthing Center, the first in New Orleans.

Thrive Letterpress Eco Friendly Notebooks for Birthmark Doulas by Goods that Matter

Baby Love swaddling Blanket for Birthmark Doulas by Goods that Matter