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Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit
Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit

Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit


Hey fellow Creatives, our awesome Excel worksheets are now available to give you a hand in your small biz! 

How do you currently track your sales monthly & annually? 

Do you know what % of your overall sales come from individual products? Or, what % of sales come from your various sales channels? Or, what your annual revenue and cost to make your goods is?

In the past six years, growing my business, Goods that Matter, I have honed my business skills as well as my creative skills. I have also greatly improved my sales tracking and product pricing tools. As a designer with a creative background, I had never used Excel before. Over the years, Excel and I have become better friends & I have finessed these sales tracking and product pricing sheets to track monthly and annual sales & so much more (see the full list below). These are completely incredible tools & I'm SO excited to share them with you!

These worksheets help me to make solid business decisions via vital sales information per product and also by sales channel. I realized that these tools would also be helpful to my fellow creatives & am excited to offer them at a limited time for $65 (full price $75)! These will save you headaches and time, as I've already done the work.

This will organize your sales and pricing data to easily tell which products and sales channels you are doing the best in (really know and not just have an inkling) and highlight where you might need to make adjustments. We have unique information needs as product makers, designers, and sellers and I've included these in our sales tracking sheets. Each business is also unique, so I've kept this in mind to let them work well for your business. I've also included many shortcuts if Excel is new for you, to make it as easy as possible for you to work with.


"This was a great workshop. I would recommend it to anyone with a small business. Tippy provided some really practical and attainable skills to be able to track sales and price products. I feel like I now have the tools to build my business and grow as an entrepreneur."

"Tippy's done the leg work to create a system that we can all benefit from. I’m so happy to have this new tool for tracking sales in a more holistic and visual way."

"The Sales & Pricing Workshop for Creatives provided me with new and applicable insight on how to price products and track sales with an easy to use toolkit."

The sales tracking sheet will tally:

- Your monthly & annual revenue, margins, and number of items sold

- Track sales per product by style, color, or other variants

- Expenses per product, via Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). This info is brought in from the Product Pricing sheet included in this toolkit

- % of Sales by Product and by Sales Channel

- Overall quanties sold per product both individually and by sales channel

- Cost of Markets/Events

- Transaction Fees & Sales Tax Paid, there are drop down menus to select your taxes & transaction fee types per sales channel. Making this SO easy to manage!

- Total Discounts given

- The average price that you are selling your products for (across all sales channels)

 The Product Pricing sheet will:

- Calculate the total cost of labor and materials per product

- Recommend the retail and wholesale price

- Show your profit per unit

- A second pricing sheet also calculates the donation amount per product, if you are interested in giving back to a partner cause. You can change the donation amount & the donation and profit totals are adjusted.

For a limited time, we are offering these for a sale price of $65 (regular price $75)! 

*Biggest thanks to the amazing team of MBAs from Ross Business School in Michigan. They came to New Orleans to work with me for a week as part of their summer road trip, Ross Open Road (formerly MBASxUSA), they helped me really finesse these worksheets to become a powerful tool for our small businesses!

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Orders are shipped between 1 - 3 days upon receipt of payment via USPS. (Did you know their boxes are Cradle to Cradle Certified? How great!) We typically ship on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification to let you know that your Goods are en route. Orders typically take 2-4 shipping days to arrive at your doorstep.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need something shipped immediately for a special occasion, or if you have any questions for that matter, and we look very forward to hearing from you! 

Invoices are not included with packages due to many of our products being sent as meaningful gifts, however you will receive an email receipt in your order notification email.

Merci Beaucoup & enjoy your Goods!

**We also use upcycled shipping boxes & protective shipping materials, including bubble wrap & air pockets.

 **Shipping within the U.S.: We use USPS for regular orders, priority mail takes 2,3 days to land at your doorstep. Larger orders are shipped via FedEx, typically allow 3,4 days for delivery.

 **Shipping Internationally: We are happy to ship to you wherever you are in the world! Just select your country from the list and shipped via USPS, estimated 7-10 days for arrival. If shipping via USPS, tracking and insurance are unavailable, so we are not able to guarantee your package. (We haven't had any issues to date, knock on wood.)

 **Returns/exchanges - Unfortunately these are not possible due to the hygienic nature of the soaps and body care products. Made to order items are also not possible to return or exchange. For the rest of our items, if items are not damaged, an exchange is possible within 14 days of purchase with proof of purchase. 

 **Glycerin Soap - High quality glycerin soap naturally attracts moisture from the air. If your soap has a little of the protective waxed shipping tissue, just give your Bird or Bar an initial wash, this is completely normal for a handmade soap. The BirdSoaps are carefully wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper to protect their shape during shipping. 



All of the ingredients selected to make our products are made from Eco-Happy materials, regionally sourced & locally made, with the intent of making sustainable products more commonplace & ultimately ubiquitous.

This carries through to all of the details: From the eco friendly materials sourced regionally to create the products, to the 100% recycled boxes, paper, and packaging, to eco-inks used in printing, to cradle to cradle certified boxes via the USPS when shipped, to our business cards - we carry this through in all aspects of our business.

We are wholeheartedly committed to and excited about creating products with integrity that give back and that are made with love in the U.S. We hope that you enjoy our thoughtful goods.


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